The Healing Place of Wake County

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Living on the streets can be a vicious cycle of addiction and homelessness. Whether businessman or laborer, professional or drop-out, individuals with alcohol and other drug problems can find themselves on the street, sleeping in alleys, behind buildings or along railroad tracks in all types of weather. Local shelters are often full or will not accept an intoxicated person. The Healing Place can offer hope for the homeless addict. In 2014, on any given day, the 199 bed men’s facility is filled beyond capacity and the 99 bed women’s facility has a utilization rate of over 85%. Many of these individuals will return to the streets; others will opt for a path that can return them to their former lives. There are 180 beds at the men's facility and 99 beds at women's facility available each night where a homeless user of alcohol or other drugs can rest and receive food and clothing. They can also see an alternative: others on their way to recovery who are participating in The Healing Place program. When addicts see their peers working, studying and staying sober, they see the possibility of sobriety and a return to a healthy, productive life.

Recovery is a step-by-step process through The Healing Place’s services: an Overnight Emergency Shelter; a Sobering up Center, a detoxification facility; an Off-the-Street Motivational Program, which is a recovery track; a residential Phase Recovery Program; and a Health Care/Self-Care Clinic.

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